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Join Lydia Hill on her quest to master the art of sheep shearing and Steve Higgins as he writes about the history and special qualities of Lincoln Longwool sheep.

Find out how natural dyer Deb Bamford tackled an epic dye project; dyeing linen cloth with weld and madder for a Viking-style sail.

Steven Byrd describes how traditional Peruvian weaving, spinning and dyeing skills are being kept alive and well at the Lorapo cooperative.

Two very different weavers explain how they went about specific projects; time was limited for Katherine Swales as she wove a tapestry interpreting artwork for Studio Toogood, while Sue Brigg designed and sampled triple-cloth for pleated textile jewellery.

Discover how a tennis ballís cloth cover is produced using traditional skills.

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Dancing with Sheep Hill, Lydia
Ancestral Andean Weaving: 'Rescuing the past, weaving the future' Byrd, Steven
Designing pleated triplecloth jewellery Brigg, Sue
The Lincoln Longwool Sheep Higgins, Steve
Dyeing the Uruz sail Bamford, Deb; Scott, Russ; Whitworth, Isabella
Art Tapestry Play - Commission for Studio Toogood Swailes, Katharine; Davies, Jill
Weavers' Service Davies, Jill
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