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Amanda Hannaford takes us to Tibet, sharing her experience last year teaching spinning, natural dyeing, knitting and crochet, as part of a project to establish a textile workshop to support Tibetan nomads. And on a textile tour to Gujarat, Alison Stattersfield, Jane Stockley and Lucy Rhodes received a warm welcome from the traditional handweavers they visited, greatly admiring their considerable skill in producing fine fabrics from basic and very well-used looms.

Back home, Susan Dye and Ashley Walker provide a very comprehensive guide to growing, harvesting and getting the very best reds from madder, whilst Christina Chisholm demonstrates that you don't necessarily need to use metallic salts for effective mordanting.

Judith Edwards describes the fascinating history of her Bosworth Journey Wheel and Jane Deane explains how to spin a unique yarn from paper and flax. Equally unusual are some of the innovative projects supported by the Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers, as described by the latest award recipients.

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Weaving in Gujarat, India Stattersfield, Alison; Stockley, Jane; Rhodes, Lucy
Madder: Unearthing the Red Dye, Susan; Walker, Ashley
An Alternative Approach to Conventional Mordanting Chisholm, Christina
Teaching in Tibet Hannaford, Amanda
My Bosworth Journey Wheel Edwards, Judith
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