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 Issue No: 999PCE Peter Collingwood Special Edition - Summer 2009 
Peter Collingwood Special Edition - Summer 2009
Reprints of Peter Collingwood’s most memorable articles from 
the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

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 Issue No: 262 Summer 2017 
Summer 2017
In this issue:
Explore the dye process Turkey Red with Julie Wertz, and learn how to produce both red and yellow natural dyes using the same safflower petals from Jenny Dean.
Michael Crompton describes his design process from travel inspiration to woven tapestry, while Ann Fisher brings us back to basics with her detailed Spinner's Glossary.
Glenys Crocker explores the capabilities of the warp weighted loom, while Beryl Cole's recently designed and registered tartan provided a unique highlight to her daughter's wedding.

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 Issue No: 261 Spring 2017 
Spring 2017
With a wealth of practical information, The Dye Plant Garden is the ideal place to start planning new adventures with natural dyes, with expert authors Susan Dye and Ashley Walker.

Tapestry weavers will be inspired by Ros Wilson's work under the skilful guidance of Máximo Laura in Peru, whilst three of the graduate award winners at New Designers 2016 describe their skill development experiences during their studies.

Jane Lucas gives spinners detailed advice on preparing and spinning alpaca fibre - and then combining it with other fibres.

This issue also includes three reports of the much acclaimed National Exhibition, and moving tributes, from friends and colleagues, to the late Stuart Groom, ex-Chair of the GPC.

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 Issue No: 260 Winter 2016 
Winter 2016

All innovative
development in our crafts starts from a sound working knowledge.
Janet Phillips provides practical advice on Cloth Finishing, while
Debbie Bamford explains the fascinating history of Turkey Red. Ideas
for collaborative guild study groups will be inspired by the
Cambridgeshire Guild's Peruvian Textile Study Group. Berry Cutler's
achievements show that our younger guild members are taking delight
in producing wearable textiles - turn to our Correspondence
pages for some more ideas.

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 Issue No: 259 Autumn 2016 
Autumn 2016

259 small.jpgIsabella Whitworth's Dye Glossary is an ideal place to start for spinners or weavers who would like to dye their fibres.

Spinners will appreciate Helen Melvin's in-depth description of spinning Art Yarns. Stacey Harvey-Brown celebrates the versatility of weaving with just eight shafts with her doublecloth structures.

Explore the Russian Museum of Ethnography under the guidance of Susan Foulkes. Oonagh Stransky describes the life and work of her remarkable grandmother, a weaver and designer of exquisite fabrics with an amazing list of clients.

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