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 Issue No: 999PCE Peter Collingwood Special Edition - Summer 2009 
Peter Collingwood Special Edition - Summer 2009
Reprints of Peter Collingwood’s most memorable articles from 
the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

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 Issue No: 259 Autumn 2016 
Autumn 2016

259 small.jpgIsabella Whitworth's Dye Glossary is an ideal place to start for spinners or weavers who would like to dye their fibres.

Spinners will appreciate Helen Melvin's in-depth description of spinning Art Yarns. Stacey Harvey-Brown celebrates the versatility of weaving with just eight shafts with her doublecloth structures.

Explore the Russian Museum of Ethnography under the guidance of Susan Foulkes. Oonagh Stransky describes the life and work of her remarkable grandmother, a weaver and designer of exquisite fabrics with an amazing list of clients.

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 Issue No: 258 Summer 2016 
Summer 2016
In this issue...

Upcycle fabric scraps and more into unique characterful yarns.

Find out how a spinner and weaver overcame disabilities to continue practising the crafts she loves.

Hear how a global team came together in the Natural Dye Project to assist a Guatemalan textile community.

Find inspiration and fresh approaches for new weave projects from maths, art or your garden.

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 Issue No: 257 Spring 2016 
Spring 2016
Learn to dye a range of greens with Natural dyes.

Discover more about the challenges of cotton cultivation in Barbados and Lancashire.

Find out how the humble spindle could be your ideal spinning companion.

Understand how research sheds light on the potential longevity of tapestries.

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 Issue No: 256 Winter 2015 
Winter 2015
Amanda Hannaford teaches spinners in Kabul to spin Afghan cashmere. Could you spin cashmere? Be inspired by Amanda’s pre-trip sampling.
Natural dye stuffs are being recovered from Shipwrecks, hear Rex Cowan explain their fascinating story.
West Dean tapestry studio dyes for art; discover why and how.
Three weavers describe challenges that resulted in successful projects.

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