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The Digital Journal - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions regarding the digital Journal

In what format is the digital Journal available?
FlippingBook Format.

What hardware and software do I need?

You can access the digital Journal:
  • online using a desktop or laptop computer with a current operating system, web browser and recent version of Flash
  • online on a tablet or smartphone with Safari/Chrome browsers (iOS) or Chrome/built-in browsers (Android)
  • offline via an App on a tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS (Android 4 and above, or iOS 6 and above operating systems)
Offline reading will be available, on tablets and mobile devices only, by downloading from a supported browser to the free FlippingBook Reader app.
Firefox is not supported on mobile devices.

Can I see a digital Journal before I buy?

You can access a free ‘try-before you-buy’ issue on our news page, 'The Digital Journal is Here!', to see whether it works for you on your device, and to get an idea of what the digital Journal format looks like. To ensure that your hardware and software is compatible with the FlippingBook format we strongly recommend that you do this before subscribing.

How do I increase the page size?
To zoom in on the page when viewed in a browser, double click (or double tap if you are on a mobile device) to open the page to open the page in 'single page' view. At the bottom a zoom slider appears where you can adjust the zoom level. Double click/double tap the page again to go back to 'double page' view. Alternatively, use the magnification button to bring up the zoom level slider.

How do I get technical support if there is a problem?

First, please read FAQs in their entirety.
Then, if your query has still not been answered:
  • Technical queries should be sent to stating on what device you are having the problem, the operating system (including version) you are using and (if applicable) the web browser (including version)
To which issues can I get access?

All issues of the Journal will be published in FlippingBook format from now on, alongside the print version. You can subscribe at any time. We started digitising the Journal with issue J251, so individual back issues from that issue onward are also available to purchase.

How much does the digital Journal cost?

The price of the electronic Journal is the same as the UK print version.
For overseas customers, the electronic version works out significantly less expensive than the print version because we do not have to add overseas postage costs.

Can I purchase it from anywhere in the world?

The digital Journal can be purchased from within the UK and anywhere worldwide that is outside the European Union. Due to 2015 EU Digital Content
VAT rules we are currently in the regrettable position where we cannot sell digital Journals to customers within the EU - other than UK.

What if I want both digital and print versions?

We offer a combined subscription that includes both electronic and print versions at a very attractive combined price. UK Guild Bulk subscribers have access to special rates through their local guild.

Is the digital Journal only available on subscription or can I buy single digital issues?

We can supply individual digital issues from issue J251 onward. We have no plans to digitalise earlier back issues, we do not have the necessary copyright permissions. For best value, we recommend taking out a subscription.

Is the content the same as the print version?

Yes. However, the digital Journal also includes features, such as live web links and searchable text, that are not possible in the print version.

Please be aware that in older issues, some urls may not work if, for example, the advertiser has removed the destination page.

Will the copyright be the same as for the print version of the Journal?

Yes, it is exactly the same Journal with the same copyrights.

When is the digital Journal published?

We aim to publish it at the same time as the print version, so if you have a combined subscription you should get both versions at roughly the same time, give or take a day or two.

How quickly do I get access once I subscribe to buy an issue?
We aim to ensure you have access as quickly as possible, preferably within a week of purchase. It's not instant because there is a significant manual element to the processing of orders and the Journal is run by volunteers. If you are purchasing, or subscribing to, a forthcoming issue then you will not have access until the publication date.

How do I access the digital Journal?

You will receive an email from FlippingBook Cloud ( with your unique username and password when you first purchase a subscription or an individual issue. Once you are a subscriber you will receive emails advising you when a new issue is available to view. You will also receive an email from FlippingBook Cloud ( when you are invited to your first issue with your unique username and password. To ensure there are no delays in you receiving this information we suggest that after you subscribe you add the following email addresses to the safe sender/whitelist feature of your email software (check the instructions for your software); (, ( and ( 
When you receive an invitation email to view this Journal online click the cover image to open the publication. If you are using a compatible tablet or smartphone, you will have the option of downloading it to the free FlippingBook Reader app. Journals downloaded to this app will be able to be viewed offline (i.e. when not connected to the internet). Your password will be used to access all of your digital Journals until changed.

How do I download the Journal to the FlippingBook Reader app?
To download the publication to the FlippingBook Reader app (once you are viewing the publication in the browser on your mobile device),tap on the screen to bring up the Download button (which looks like this ),  then tap on
the download button  to bring up the option to 'open in FlippingBook
Tap on this option and it will open the app and start
downloading, once you have entered your username and password.
Tip: When using the FlippingBook Reader app
Please check in
the app's settings that 'Use Cellular Data' is Off. This means the
publications will download only over WiFi (recommended). After
publication an issue may be updated by us in which case it will be
downloaded again without warning (no user intervention is required).

Is the email address I submit when I purchase a digital Journal subscription (or individual copy) important?

Yes, your unique password will only work with this email address.

What if I forget, or wish to change my password?
If you forget your password you can click the 'Forgot Password?' link on Enter your email address and a new password will be emailed to you.
You can choose to reset your password by logging in to and then clicking on the Account link at the top of the page. Enter your
new password twice and save the changes as prompted.

What happens if I change my email address?

You need to contact us at telling us both your old and new email addresses so that we can ensure that any issues you subscribed to via your old address will be made accessible via your new one. You will receive a new password. Before you use it, you will need to log-out of your old credentials in order to log-in with your new credentials - see the next question 'How do I log-out of FlippingBook?'. If you have difficulty logging on with your new email and password, clear the browser’s cache and try again.

How do I log-out of FlippingBook?
If you are logged in to FlippingBook as one user and need to log in as a different user (for example, if you have changed your email address or are subscribing after viewing the sample issue) then go to This will take you to the 'dashboard' for the user you are logged in as. Click on the username in the top right hand corner to get a log-out option. Next time you visit any FlippingBook pages you will be required to log-in; use your new email address and/or password to do so.

Can I access the Journal when I am offline?

This depends on what sort of access device you are using.

If you are using a compatible tablet or smartphone you can download the digital Journal to the FlippingBook Reader app and it will be stored on your device. You can then access it whether you are online or offline.

If you are using a web browser to access the digital Journal either from a desktop/laptop computer or mobile device then you have to be online in order to access the digital Journal.

Can I print articles?

You can’t print the articles directly. When viewing the digital Journal online using your laptop/desktop computer you can print the text of individual Journal articles (for personal use only) by using the T button to select the text, then copying and pasting it into another program, such as a word processor. You will not be able to copy and print images (copyright issues are involved).

Can I access the digital Journal from multiple devices?

Yes, you can use your email login and password from each device you want to use.

What happens when my subscription ends?

You can continue to access the issues of the digital Journal that you have purchased previously, however you won’t be able to access any new issues.

What happens if I restart my subscription?

You will be able to access both the issues that you purchased previously and the new issues from the restart of your subscription. If your email address has changed in the meantime, you need to let us know here:
If there was a gap in your subscription then any issues that were published during that gap will not be accessible to you. You may wish to purchase them as individual back issues.

05 March 2017