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Journal subscriptions are based on an annual subscription of 4 issues commencing 1st January.
We welcome new subscribers at any time of year by offering a subscription period appropriate to the number of issues remaining until the next (or following) 1st January renewal date.
If you prefer to subscribe for a longer period we offer a subscription based on two years that will follow the same adjustment pattern as above.
Journals are published; Spring -  late February, Summer - late May, Autumn - late August, Winter - late November
If you have any queries about subscription choice or payment by Paypal please contact our Subscriptions Manager who will be happy to help.

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European Union Countries only Subscription 2018 Issue 265 - 268

4 issue subscription for 2017 commencing with Spring issue. Sent by airmail.
Code: subEuropeanUnion2018 Price:  24.00
European Union Countries only Subscription 2018/2019 Issue 265 - 272

8 issue subscription commencing with Spring issue 2018 for 2018/2019. Sent by airmail.
Code: subEuropeanUnion2018/2019 Price:  48.00