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Issue: 261 - Spring 2017
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Gardening gloves ready? With a wealth of practical information, The Dye Plant Garden is the ideal place to start planning new adventures with natural dyes - as authors Susan Dye and Ashley Walker confirm, 'using home-grown colour in a piece of textile art or functional clothing is without price.'  

Tapestry weavers will be inspired and entranced by Ros Wilson's work under the skilful guidance of Máximo Laura in Peru, whilst three of the graduate award winners at New Designers 2016 describe their skill development experiences during their studies, and their plans for the future. Jane Lucas gives spinners detailed advice on preparing and spinning alpaca fibre - and then combining it with other fibres in interesting and innovative blends.

Our Exhibition Reviews include three reports of the much acclaimed National Exhibition, and Janet Maher, the Exhibition Convenor, provides a fascinating insight into the work involved in planning a national event. But before our feature articles you will find moving tributes, from friends and colleagues, to the late Stuart Groom, ex-Chair of the GPC.

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Table of Contents for Issue 261


Experimenting with Alpaca Jane Lucas Page:9
Weaving with Máximo Laura Ros Wilson Page:13
Three interviews with award winners at New Designers 2016 Page:17
The Dye Plant Garden 
(Free Download)
Dye, Susan; Walker, Ashley Page:24
Readers’ Showcase: Firth of Tay Booker, Cally Page:30