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Issue: 262 - Summer 2017
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Woollen spun chain plied (481x800).jpgIn this issue we unravel more mysteries of the much-prized dye process, Turkey Red, under the expert guidance of Julie Wertz, and learn how to produce both red and yellow natural dyes using the same safflower petals from well-known author Jenny Dean.

Michael Crompton describes his design process from travel inspiration to woven tapestry, while Ann Fisher brings us back to basics with her detailed Spinner's Glossary.

Historians will enjoy Glenys Crocker's exploration of the capabilities of the warp weighted loom, while Beryl Cole's recently designed and registered tartan provided a unique highlight to her daughter's wedding.

Our Exhibitions Reviews have an international flavour, from Edinburgh and Zetten, Netherlands, to Georgia, Vancouver and Seattle. Closer to home, Guild activities explore growing flax within the M25, coastal inspiration, alpacas, natural dyes...and then cross the continents to Kashmir.  

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Table of Contents for Issue 262


Unravelling Turkey Red Wertz, Julie H. Page:7
Everything Worthwhile Starts in the Mind Crompton, Michael Page:12
A Spinner's Glossary Fisher, Ann Page:16
Reader's Showcase: The Cole-Dale Tartan Cole, Beryl Page:22
Dyeing with Safflower Petals Dean, Jenny Page:25
From Tabby to Twill on the Warp-Weighted Loom Crocker, Glenys Page:28