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About Us
The Journal exists to further the aims of the Association and to provide:

    * an interesting and informative magazine for those involved in the crafts

    * an opportunity for the exchange of ideas

    * instructive articles to encourage wider experimentation

    * an effective advertising space for suppliers

The Journal is published on behalf of the Association of Guilds of Spinners Weavers and Dyers.

A small team of enthusiastic volunteers publishes the Journal quarterly in spring summer autumn and winter.

It covers a wide range of textile subjects, including articles on historic textile techniques and cutting edge modern design.

We published an extra issue in summer 2009 to celebrate the life and work of Peter Collingwood. Subscribers received the Peter Collingwood Issue as part of their subscription. It is now available as a back copy.

Please note all images and articles on this site are copyright protected either by the Journal or the author/photographer. Please do not use anything without express permission.

Committee 2017

Chair: Christina Chisholm, Online
Secretary: Judith Evans, Birmingham
Treasurer: Laura Hegarty, Leicestershire
Advertising Manager: Pete Leonard, Bradford & District
Archive: Claude Delmas, Online
Association News: Angela Colbridge, Durham
Book Reviews: Christina Chisholm, Online
Collator: Lyn Duffus, London
Designer: Ros Lobb, Stratford-upon-Avon
Diary: Exhibition Reviews: Colleen Pope, Devon Weavers Workshop
Features:- Weave - Jill Riley, Glamorgan; Spin- Ann Fisher, Ceredigion, Online; Dye - Angela Pawlyn, Kennet Valley
Guild Highlights and Reader's Showcase: Sally Firth, Eden Valley
Subscriptions; Individual and Guild bulk: Jenni Stewart, Leicestershire
Notebook: Martina Muller, Bucks, Online
Web: Ann Fisher, Ceredigion, Online
Social Media: Isabella Whitworth, Online

The Editorial Team are always on the lookout for new members. If you are a member of an affiliated Guild and are able to use a computer please consider joining us. You can get in touch at any time via one of our contact forms.

Please follow us on Twitter to keep in touch.